Friday, July 10, 2009

Pendragon: Before the War Book Two

By: Walter Sorrells

I’m surprised. Because of the disappointment that I got from the first book I expected no better in this one. I was wrong. Book Two was way better than Book One. A thing that I like about this book is that unlike Book One, the author talks about how the three Travelers react to Press or their mentor when they first learn about their destiny. I have to say though that the cover looks kind of crappy because Alder looks like a homeless person, all hunched over and sad-looking. Well, I guess he is supposed to look a bit sad but not like that. At first glance (and second glance), I thought Elli was Patrick. I didn’t even notice my mistake until long after I finished this book and was naming all the Travelers with the aid of these books. I finally noticed my mistake while thinking, “Wait, is that Elli because Patrick wasn’t described in this book?” I believe that Aja most resembles the Aja in the book out of these three Travelers on this cover.

This book contains Aja Killian’s experience when a rival of hers makes her get into very big trouble and the only way to set it right is to win at a game he created. It explains the risky adventures that Elli Winter took on Quillan and Alder’s quest to overcome the challenges he faced to become a Bedoowan knight.