Friday, July 10, 2009

Pendragon: Before the War Book Three

By: Walter Sorrells

The last prequel of Pendragon: Before the War was good and I really liked it. I prefer the second one the most but this one comes in second so not too bad. It had excitement and suspense but not too much which is ok. The reactions from the Travelers when they first learn about their destiny was not that great but better than the first book. The cover, again, is not too good. Loor looks the best while Siry and Patrick look iffy. Siry looks like a shepherd and Patrick looks like a priest or well, it just isn’t what I imagined.

Read about young Loor’s first time she has been put to a test in which she has to retrieve the sacred golden axe that is used during a festival, Siry Remudi’s suspicions about the secrets that the tribunal is keeping from its citizens, causing Siry to search for the truth and Patrick Mac’s quest to search for a thief who steals ancient books from the twentieth century and burns them.


  1. That's Siry and Patrick? One of them kind of looks like the Weasley twins in the HP movies, and the other one looks like some medieval dude :P

  2. Yup, that's close to my thinking.