Friday, July 10, 2009

Dragon Spear

By: Jessica Day George

Great book and I really liked it but compared to the two books before this one it wasn’t too great. I don’t know if I overrated those two but Dragon Spear was a bit disappointing. It didn’t have the same suspense or thrill and excitement as before. Maybe its because my expectations were a bit too high. I was also expecting some more humor not that Dragon Spear didn’t have any but I think that the ones before had more. And on the cover is that dragon Feniul or Velika?

The king and queen of dragons, Shardas and Velika, have finally settled down in a comfortable home in the Far Isles. It seems just the right time for Prince Luka and Creel to have their wedding in the Far Isles. What they don’t expect is that Velika gets kidnapped. Creel, Luka and some others join the chase to get the queen of dragons only to find that the enemies may be one of their own. Facing dangerous new foes and volcanic eruptions, Creel and her friends must save Velika before the enemy dragons manage to keep her and her hatchlings confined in their territory forever.


  1. I thinking of trying some other Jessica Day George books since this series is over. Have you read Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow?

  2. Well, you know, it's hard to make jokes when Velika is being held prisoner.

    The dragon on the cover is Niva. She is green and gold. Feniul is all green, and Velika, who was on the cover of Dragon Flight, is blue.

  3. Priya - I got Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow from Read 3 get 1 Free but I haven't read it yet because I have a thing of not reading the new books I get until summer ends.

    Mrs. George - Yeah, I get your meaning and thanks for the clarification of the dragon being Niva.