Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Death's Shadow

By: Darren Shan

Disgusting and vivid. The thought of all the blood, guts, flesh and bones that were spilled in this book was amazing and terrifying at the tame time. It amazes me at how cruel demons can be and how evil evil can actually be. There were many twists and turns with action scenes woven together. It was very fast-paced that I had the pages turning at a breath-taking rate and I couldn’t stop.

After the demon apocalypse has come and gone, new hope emerges as Bec, a girl who has been trapped in a cave for many centuries, is finally freed from her prison and as powerful as ever. After a werewolf attack, the Disciples are wondering if there is another force working against humanity. Beranabus, Grubbs and Kernal find out that there is yet they don’t know what it is although they know it is plotting to destroy humanity. The race to save humankind has begun again though this time the foes are smarter and stronger.

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