Sunday, July 19, 2009

Demon Apocalypse

By: Darren Shan

Intense and dramatic from beginning to the end, this book will have your eyes focused on its words no matter what. The twists abd turns take you from human annihilation to a desperate chance to save them. It was fast-paced and filled with action. What I thought that could be added to make the story more intense is to have short and choppy sentences like before. During the first three books, Shan used short and choppy sentences and it made the stories more intense but from the fourth book onward no more choppy sentences.

Grubbs Grady is stuck on a plane with doomed passengers, three familiars, a woman who he used to trust, and a demon master determined to get revenge on him. It is the end of Grubbs Grady, or at least he thinks it is until a bum saves him by pulling him out of the plane and flies, yes flies, to safety. There, he learns that the bum is a magician named Beranabus who devotes his life in preventing demons from crossing into the human world. Beranabus also has an assistant named Kernal Fleck. Soon, the trio are off destroying demons in Demonata but what they don’t know is that demons have invaded and killed off mostly everyone.