Monday, July 27, 2009

If I Stay

By: Gayle Forman

This book is a beautiful piece of work, combing past memories of how Mia’s life was before the accident and how easily a life can be ruined with the present. It almost made me cry as friends and family visited Mia and told her their feelings about her choice in staying or leaving. I really like the cover because it is symbolic by showing that even if everything that matters to you is gone there still is hope to survive.

Mia is a seventeen year old girl and has been faced with many tough choices with her career and her boyfriend but soon, all of those choices don’t matter anymore. On one snow-day with the whole family taking the day off, they decide to visit some friends and relax. Their plans are soon disrupted when they get involved in a deadly car accident where both parents perish instantly and leave Mia and her younger brother in critical condition. Understanding that it is her fight and choice, Mia is faced with the dilemma of joining her family on the other side or staying.


  1. this is so weird, i was just leaving a comment on my friends blog about how when life changing things happen suddenly its so hard to understand how to deal with them and wow, then i found this blog and read about this book and yeah, just ironic.

  2. Yayyyyy!!!! Glad you liked it.