Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Lost Queen

By: Frewin Jones

Great book. It began nicely but then the quality started to decline a bit with the lack of action though it did pick up near the end of part two. The flashback to Tania’s earlier mortal lives were an interesting add on to the story. I actually didn’t expect Tania to find her mother so late into the story but I guess it had to be or the book would be a bit too perfect. Once the action scenes came to lie in the story, I couldn’t stop reading because it got so interesting. I really like the sparkling and bright cover, though Tania looks way different from the book.

Tania was an ordinary girl, living her life in the Mortal Realm but then she got swept away into a different world where she learns that she is a Faerie princess. Now she has returned to the Mortal Realm after defeating the evil Gabriel Drake in search for her long lost mother, Queen Titania. Her return isn’t a smooth one. Tania and her parents have had an argument about her disappearance and there are sinister forces rising to power in Faeries. Gabriel Drake is haunting Tania’s mind and the two worlds are about to clash together.

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