Friday, July 10, 2009

Trials of Death

By: Darren Shan

Heart-pounding action. There’s more humor in this book than the one before Trials of Death. There is more action and thrilling suspense than any of the four books before. The book is packed with twists and turns until the very end with a decision that Darren makes which could decide whether he lives or dies. I’m confused with this cover also. I get the fire in the background but the deathly pale, hollow-eyed face? Is that what I think it is? Also, I’m starting to wonder if the series should be called Cirque du Freak since its more about Darren’s adventures then his life as a performer.

Having decided to participate in the Five Trials of Death to prove himself to the vampire’s clan, Darren Shan must endure five very dangerous trials and survive or face the stakes at the Halls of Death with shame and dishonor. At the same time, war is brewing between the vampires and vampaneze in which the vampires will not win. It is a world of nightmares containing bloodshed and betrayal that Darren must cope with… if he survives…

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