Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blood Beast

By: Darren Shan

The cover of Blood Beast kind of freaks me out with the dark-colored blood and severed off fingertips and the screaming werewolf face. I had to put the book facedown on my nightstand once I was done because I was reading late into the night and didn’t want to see it. I love some parts of the book because they are so funny. There is a lot of suspense that led to a dramatic ending but I had my suspicions because Darren Shan did a good job of dropping clues. I really wish I had the next book at hand because this one ended in a cliffhanger.

Until now, Grubbs has escaped the family curse but soon he begins to experience the sickening symptoms at the time of a full moon. He wants to tell his uncle Dervish but he can’t bring up the courage to do so and, furthermore, Dervish isn’t around when Grubbs needs him. After the death of Grubb’s best friend, he finally musters up the courage and spills the secrets he has kept from Dervish. Later on, Juni Swan comes back but Grubbs notices something different about her that makes him uneasy but he doesn’t know who to trust since Dervish has called the Lambs. Betrayed and hurt, Grubbs faces another problem: he can’t resist the wolf in him anymore. What will he do?


  1. Erm...that is a freaky cover. Have fun tonight at the midnight showing!

  2. Thanks. The show doesn't start until midnight yet I have to arrive at 9:30 at Riya's insistence. :(

  3. 9:30? What are you going to do from 9:30 to 12?