Friday, July 10, 2009

Demon Thief

By: Darren Shan

I greatly dislike the way the author transitioned from the last book to this book. I didn’t know what time period this was in. Before, after or during when Grubbs and Dervish had their adventure? Later on I find out that this was before but then what is the point of it if the next book is going back to Grubbs and his adventures again. There really is no point unless the main characters in this book band together with Grubbs and the others from those books which might be possible but I don’t know. Other then switching characters, I find this book very entertaining and thrilling. It contains many twists and turns that make me think “Impossible” or “How…?”. It was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Cornelius or Kernel Fleck is an unusual teenaged boy who sees patches of flickering and sometimes pulsing lights everywhere. People think he is crazy and avoid him as much as possible which makes Kernel fell very isolated and lonely. Once, while in his bedroom, he pieced together multiple patches of light and made a window. Little did he know that this window was a path to the demonic world. When a demon appears and kidnaps Art, his infant brother, Kernel does everything to try and get his brother back but he learns a shocking truth…

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