Monday, July 13, 2009


By: Darren Shan

Terrifying and vivid yet it captures your attention and doesn’t let you go even if your grossed out or tense with anticipation. I read late into the night because it was so good. Bad idea unless you want to freak yourself out. It wasn’t the demons or the descriptions that were the most horrifying, it was the waiting for something bad to happen that was the worst because I kept on thinking that something bad or gross was going to happen anytime soon. Don’t do that unless you want to scare yourself even more. There were many surprises hidden in this book but the most surprising one was at the end, wrapping everything up in a shocking but satisfying way.

When demonic Fomorii roam their land and slaughter any humans that they can sense, Bec and some others form a group to answer a plea for help. Because of a vision she saw, Bec, a priestess in training, believes that she can unlock the mysteries of her past because she is an orphan. While traveling across the land, the small group encounter many dangers but make it to the village who called for aid. There, they meet someone unexpected and are furthermore astonished at what that someone wants them to do. The band of warriors reluctantly accept the person’s demands but closing a tunnel that allows demons to come to the human world is no small task.

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