Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sons of Destiny

By: Darren Shan

Darren Shan did a good job on wrapping this series up but the way he did it also made me full of questions. It is interesting though that once I finished book 9, I was thinking that an ending of this series could be that Darren dies and *cough* *cough* again. I thought this because I didn’t want *cough* *cough* to die and leave Darren alone. Funny that my thoughts became reality. What I didn’t expect and didn’t like is Darren changing the past because then all he had sacrificed and been through was all in vain other than saving his life and putting another child to defeat the Vampaneze Lord.

The time has come for the two hunters, Darren and Vancha, to face the Vampaneze Lord and his protector. Before that happens thought, Darren must confront his sister, Annie, and tell her the truth after eighteen years of believing he was head because Annie’s son, Darius, needs help. After Darius’s safety gets settled, Darren learns that Cirque du Freak is in trouble and believes that it is the Lord of the Vampaneze’s doing. Sure enough, it is and the time has come to decide who the Lord of the Shadows is going to be. When the victor is revealed, Mr. Tiny, who has been watching, tell the two a shocking truth that makes all of what they had done a sick game and in vain.

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