Friday, July 10, 2009

Lord Loss

By: Darren Shan

When I first began reading this book I immediately got hooked by its suspenseful and dramatic scenes. It was terrifying though with the vivid descriptions of the blood and the demons in their home/hell. I was afraid that I’d get nightmares because of it. Yesterday was the fourth of July and there was fireworks going off simultaneously so I’d flinch every once in awhile while I was reading Lord Loss. It was that scary or maybe it wasn’t the scariness but the anticipation of what was going to happen because, I mean, the characters are dealing with demons, demons that could kill you in a flash without blinking an eye. Even though it was horrifying, I still read it because it was such a good book.

Grubitsch Grady is a normal teenaged boy whose parents are chess maniacs and his sister is an evil little angel who loves seeing Grubbs in trouble. All too soon, Grubbs is thrown into hell as he witnesses his parents and sister get murdered by demons. Confined to an institute for his unrealistic sightings, Grubbs retreats into this own world of nightmares because no one can help him. Then, he meets his Uncle Dervish who has also seen his fair share of demons. Once Grubbs is released from the institute and goes to live with Dervish where he will learn the unpleasant truth of all this.

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