Friday, July 10, 2009


By: Darren Shan

Terrific and terrifying at the same time. The vivid descriptions make the readers get grossed out and the short, choppy sentences add to the already tense and anxious atmosphere that make the scariness notch up a level. I’m not sure if its just me getting used to the demons but has the scariness gone down a bit because it isn’t that horrifying anymore. The tension and suspense and thrill are still in there so the creepiness doesn’t damp down my overall liking. There are many twists and turns so strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

Grubbs and Bill-E are thrilled that they are going to participate as on-set consultants with their uncle, Dervish, for the newest movie by cult horror producer Davida Haym. It’s going to be Haym’s masterpiece but soon things begin to get a bit too realistic. Child actors are disappearing and the demon’s Haym’s using to film… well…they look very real… Grubbs senses that there is something wrong and with Dervish and some others they try to set everything right before the slawter begins.

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