Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Vampire's Assistant

By: Darren Shan

Once I finished Cirque du Freak, I just had to start the second book, The Vampire’s Assistant, because I expected it to be as good as the first. It wasn’t as great as the first one in making me want to read it but it still had something that made me keep on wanting to read it though it wasn’t as strong as the first book. Even though ths attraction wasn’t that strong, this book was still a great book to read with the heart-pounding action and some gruesome descriptions that would make you ay disgusting. This book was a pretty quick read and the plot gave me a couple hours of fun and excitement.

Darren Shan is now a half-vampire and has traveled with his mentor, Mr. Crepsley, for a couple of months, learning the ways of a vampire. Though he is half-vampire, he still refuses to drink human blood and clings to his humanity even if it means getting weaker and weaker until he wastes away and dies. They, then, return to the freak show because Darren longs to make friends and to be accepted. There, Darren becomes friends with Evra Von, the snake-boy and meets a local, Sam Grest, who also becomes a friend. During a performance, the wolf-man escapes from his cage and goes after Sam. Darren, who witnesses this account, must capture it before it kills Sam and many more.

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