Friday, June 26, 2009

Princess of the Midnight Ball

By: Jessica Day George

Amazing. The creativity that Jessica Day George has put in Princess of the Midnight Balls is astonishing. The ways that she took a well-known story and crafted it into her own unique story made me wonder about how much I actually knew about the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I would have finished this whole book without a break in between if not that it was almost midnight and my dad was pestering me to go to bed. The first thing I did the next day (today) was to finish this book.

Twelve innocent princesses have been forced to dace whether ill or well by the wicked King Under Stone in his palace deep within the earth. It has been a curse that had haunted them since birth and only death could set them free. Many have tried to find the cause of the princesses dancing at midnight but only to find nothing and the curse leads them to their deaths. Then comes Galen, a soldier-turned-gardener, who falls in love with the eldest princess, Rose, and vows to bring an end to the curse that haunted the twelve. If Galen does not succeed then the only path for him is death.

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