Friday, June 19, 2009

The Bourne Supremacy

By: Robert Ludlum

Having dragged through the beginning and early middle part of this book, I am glad to be done with this book. The first 150 pages were great bu then it just started to drag and get boring. I have to admit that I had some major tests going on when I started this book which prevented me from reading the Bourne Supremacy and I welcomed it because there was just nothing that gave me the impulse to read it. Though after about 100 pages of boredom the book started to get better and had more action which game me a reason to read it because I was going to give up on this book.

Jason Bourne has finaly found his true identity and meaning of life only to be pulled back into the darkess from which we had just came from. The purpose of his life, the one woman he loves, gets torn away from his life like once before. The one way to get her back? Simple. Trap his own imposter and destroy a powerful leader's plan to rule the world. David Webb must once again become the one person he loathes to get back the person he loves.

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