Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Last Olympian

By: Rick Riordan

I can’t believe that I’m done with the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. I first started this series by reading over a friend’s shoulder back in November last year since she had to do a book report about it and I instantly got hooked to the book. This series has never disappointed me and had always made me laugh one way or another maybe about every few pages or so. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating but here are some examples of the humor in The Last Olympian.
Though “peanut butter” is a strange battle cry. Pg 310
Fortunately he’d shrunk back to normal size, so his hug was like getting hit by a tractor, not the entire farm. Pg 344
Also, I like Riordan’s clever word choices. Here is an example. I’m trying not to give anything away so it might be hard to understand unless you already read the book.
“It wasn’t hard,” I said. “You Titans are about as bright as my gym socks.”
Hyperion snarled. “You want bright”
His body ignited in a column of light and heat. I looked away but I was still blinded. Pg 245

Percy Jackson is about to turn sixteen and the prophecy will take place. Meanwhile, before all of that comes, the half-bloods have been preparing for the battle that will take place very soon. The odds are against them since Kronos has been growing stronger and stronger as his army grows larger and larger. While Twelve Olympians are busy tackling Typhon, who is causing mass destruction across the U.S., Kronos is taking the advantage of the now undefended Mount Olympus to destroy it. Percy and the other demigods must stay together in the final stand to defeat Kronos, the Lord of Time.

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  1. I was rereading this yesterday and I laughed so much...