Monday, June 29, 2009


By: Jeff Stone

Mouse wasn’t the best book I had ever read but it was ok and I liked it. I forgot what my judgment about the five books before this one was so I can’t compare it with them. It seemed to be that you did not have to read the books before Mouse to get everything that was happening in the book. It would be best to if you want to get everything but I got everything pretty well even though I forgot most of what had happened in the last books.

Shao Shu is a street rat who is drawn to Hok and Ying, two survivors of the Cang Zhen temple. He is true to his namesake, the mouse, using his wits and ability to hide to survive. After he joins Hok and Ying, he learns that they are fugitives but that doesn’t stop him from becoming friends. Shao Shu then sneaks of to father information for his new friends but gets trapped on his enemies ship. He is soon found and must act as a harmless stowaway who might be useful to Tong Long, the leader of the ship. While on the boat, he learns that there is a power struggle but who is exactly using whom? Shao Shu must find out and get back to he friends before Tong Long and the other learn the truth about him.

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  1. I used to love these a few years back, maybe its time to resume the series!