Thursday, June 18, 2009

An excerpt from Chapter 1

Here it is.

“Ellice,” Mr. Bloues said sternly. “You might want to heed my advice that I was giving to the rest of the class while you were daydreaming. It was good advice that would help you later on in your life.”
“Sorry,” she murmured and blushed because everyone was staring at her. She then focused her eyes on Mr. Bloues so it would appear that she was listening but she really was in deep thought. It was not until the bell rang that she snapped out her thoughts and stiffly put her stuff back into her backpack.
“Ellice and Rose,” Mr. Bloues called. “I would like to have a word with you two.”
Sighing, Ellice walked to the back of the room with Rose following and stood in front of his desk, waiting for him to speak.
Mr. Bloues made sure that everyone was out of the room until he said anything.
“I am very disappointed in you two,” he growled. “You both were not paying attention to my lecture and were daydreaming. I expect you guys to next time pay very close attention to what I say or else you will earn an automatic fail in this class. Understood?!”
Ellice was too shocked to say anything but was wise enough to nod while Rose did not show any emotion and just glared at Mr. Bloues with such hate that Ellice was surprised at the intensity of it.
Rose continued to glare at him and then turned around and walked out the door with such loathing that the air seemed to steam right behind her. Mr. Bloues’ and Ellice’s gaze both followed Rose until she was out the door and out of sight. They both seemed to be frozen in time.
“Wow,” Ellice thought while finally coming back to reality and going to her next class, “she sure can hate people.”
She first had to go to her locker to put away her International Studies binder and had to get her Chemistry binder out since she had Chemistry next. Because she had been held back by Mr. Bloues, she was almost late to her next class, too.
“Good morning class,” her chemistry teacher said, “as you all know, this year you will be learning… Her voice became softer and softer until Ellice could barely hear it as she lost her concentration. She did not surface from her thoughts until the bell rang that signified the end of second period.
The next two periods passed by the same way second period did. When the lunch bell startled Ellice out of her thoughts, she made her way to her locker to find Rose just walking away to the lunchroom with a book in hand and Kyle leaning against the locker door.
“I believe we have some talking to do,” Kyle said mockingly while pointing to the picture of Iron Man taped on the locker door.


  1. Haha, I like the ending. But I'm slightly confused--who's with Kyle? Rose or Ellice?

  2. I like it! Who is Kyle? I'm a bit confused.

  3. Thanks Milly. Kyle is Ellice's boyfriend.