Monday, February 9, 2009

Rivers of Zadaa

By: D.J. MacHale

A very excellent book by D.J. MacHale. The sixth book of the Pendragon series has not disappointed its readers. It is filled with action and suspense until the very last page. I must say that once I started reading, I could not stop and it took a lot of self-disipline to put the book down.

After the Traveler's victory in Eelong, Saint Dane has chosen Zadaa as his next victim territory. This is also where Loor resides as a Batu and Bobby Pendragon has feelings for her. Saint Dane's influence has put the already weak treaties between the two tribes of Xhaxhu into a verge of war. The rivers of Zadaa have dried up and it was everyone's lifeline. Without the rivers, everything would perish and leave the city in the mercy of the other cannibol tribes of Zadaa. Problem is no one knows where the water went and it might just be some natural disaster but it can not be that simple. Pendragon and Loor, with the help of a few trusted friends need to figure out where did all the water go before the Batu and the Rokador go to war.
**Spoiler Warning**
At the end, when "Andy Mitchell" came into Courtney's room, was it actually Saint Dane? I'm a little confused about it.

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