Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Reality Bug

By D.J. MacHale

Bobby Pendragon and Gunny arrive in a territory called Veelox. Right as the exit the flume they meet Saint Dane. They try to keep him from escaping but abruptly four more Saint Dane’s appear, allowing the real Saint Dane to escape the territory of Eelong. Pendragon and Gunny part because one of them had to go to Eelong and prevent Saint Dane from doing more harm. Pendragon stays in Veelox and soon learns that the people of Veelox have found a way to live in their own fantasy. It’s a perfect life but soon Pendragon discovers that there are many flaws to this so-called Lifelight. The territory is dying because everyone is spending so much time in their own fantasy. No food is growing and all the buildings are crumbling. Aja Killan, the Traveler of Veelox, says that she has everything under control because she has made a virus that feeds on your fears to make everything less perfect. But soon the Reality Bug gets out of control and things that should not have happened are starting to happen. Pendragon and Aja need to destroy the Reality Bug before people start to get hurt or even die by their own fears.

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