Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Merchant of Death

By D.J. MacHale

Bobby Pendragon is a normal fourteen year old boy and is preparing to leave his home for an important game in the state basketball semi-finals when Courtney Chetwynd, a popular girl from his school, comes by and admits her feelings toward him. After the first kiss between them, Bobby’s Uncle Press abruptly comes in and tells Bobby to come with him. This is where he learns that he is not the normal fourteen year old boy that he was before and that the Uncle Press that he knew now has changed. He learns that he is a Traveler and that there are many, many different so-called “territories” that are part of the whole universe. All these territories will sooner or later experience a turning point and the Travelers are supposed to ensure that the turning point will happen correctly so that the territory will live in peace but there is a evil Traveler named Saint Dane, whose goal is to take advantage of the turning points and turn the territory into turmoil so that he can rule all of Halla, which is all time, territory, and space. Bobby and his Uncle Press are on a mission to make sure that Denduron’s turning point will happen correctly and not let Saint Dane succeed in his quest of destroying Denduron.


  1. Love this book! Except Bobby looks funny on the cover...

  2. lol he resembles someone I know for some reason...