Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Never War

By D.J. MacHale

Bobby Pendragon and Vo Spader arrive at First Earth, which is in 1937, in New York after Press Tilton’s death in Cloral by bullets shot from a pair of gangsters recruited by Saint Dane. There they meet the First Earth Travel named Vincent "Gunny" Van Dyke, who works as a bell captain at the Manhattan Tower Hotel. Bobby and Spader are forced to work as bell hoppers in order to learn about a suspicious person named Maximilian Rose. They learn about the battle between Winn Farrow and Max Rose. Farrow and Rose were good business partners once but now they are more than worse enemies. Wanting revenge on Rose, Farrow has planned to destroy the things that mean most to Rose, which means destroying the Hindenburg. Bobby is faced with a difficult dilemma in on what to do because in his hands lie thirty-six people’s lives...


  1. Vivian, another thing you can do on your reviews is write about how you liked the book: maybe a rating, or just your personal feelings about the book itself. I'd be interested in seeing what you personally thought about different books.

  2. Ok. I'll do that on the other books I read since I think I might spoil something if I do it on Black Water and I can't remember the feelings I had on the other books. :S