Thursday, February 19, 2009

Princess Academy

By: Shannon Hale
My Feelings:
Princess Academy, written by Shannon Hale, is a great book. I would give it a rating of five stars even though there are places where the book gets boring to me. It begins to pick up the pace and gets more exciting towards the end with a twist that readers will not have expected, other then jumping ahead and reading it. :P The poems at the beginning of each chapter were really creative and I thought the idea of it is really cool. Overall, it deserves its Newbery Award and I would recommend it to everyone who loves reading.
Miri is a girl whose family has always lived on Mount Eskel. She has longed to work with the other villagers in a quarry, mining linder from the mountain they live on. Her father does not allow Miri to even step one foot in the quarry because she thinks she is too small. Soon, word comes from the lowlands that the prince is looking for a bride and the king's priests have said that the bride-to-be would come from Mount Eskel. In one year's time, the prince will come up the mountain to choose his bride and until then all eligible girls have to attend a makeshift academy to prepare them for a royal lowlander life. In the academy, the competition is bitter, but when the academy is in danger, it is Miri who has to think of a way to save her classmates and teacher.

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  1. Woohoo! And next time you do a review, you should put the summary before your feelings. Then, everyone can get a sense of the story before they read what you thought of it. :)