Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Host

By: Stephanie Meyer
I really enjoyed reading the Twilight sage by Stephanie Meyer so I thought that I would read the Host, too. I think that the Host was very original because it has a unique plot or concept. Though I have to admit that it got boring in the middle with all the information thrown at you but it gets better as the story goes on.
Melanie Styder is one of the last human beings that has kept their minds and fought the invading souls. The souls have taken mostly every human and put their own kind into them, while driving away the human away from its body. Melanie is part of the resistance but soon gets captured by the souls while on a trip to find her aunt and cousin. Like all the other human beings captured, a soul gets put into her body. Usually once a soul is put into a body, the human inside it disappears but Melanie is no ordinary person. She fills the soul inside her with her own memories but she has to get the soul to get on her side before it is too late.

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