Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Fury and Dark Reunion

By: L.J. Smith

Having dropped The Struggle and The Awakening, the prequel to The Fury and Dark Reunion, because I jumped to the ending and read it and could not believe what had happened, I faced a dilemma on whether or not I should read The Fury and Dark Reunion. In the end, I decided that I should because I wanted to know how the story ended. I was in for a surprise. The second book was really good and I just could not stop reading it. For those of you Twilight haters, however, you might think otherwise because this book is really, really similar to that series. I could not believe at how many similarities there were in this book and Twilight.

Elena has finally become what she wanted and also got what she wanted. Stefan and Damon are brothers but they loathe each other because of what happened so long ago. Stefan, then, soon begins to realize that Damon is not the only evil that has come to the area. Can Stefan and Damon forget their hate long enough just to defeat the Other Power that has come to this town with Elena? Or is their hate going to be in the way of saving everyone and tear this town apart?

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  1. I dont feel the similarities to Twilight at all. The plot has similar aspects (vampires, werewolves, love) but the messages and the ideas behind it couldn't be more different.