Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enna Burning

By: Shannon Hale

Enna Burning is the second installment of the Bayern series by Shannon Hale. It was a great book to read but I have to admit the beginning of the book was boring. Once you got into the middle of the book, it got way more interesting so just hang in there for the first thirty pages. There were many surprises when I was reading this book which kept me from dropping the book and going to do something else. I really liked reading this book so I guess I will have to place a hold on River’s Secrets.

Enna has always been mesmerized by fire but when her brother, Leifer, brings home a piece of vellum that teaches him how to set fires out of thin air, Enna does not know what to do. She faces a dilemma on whether or not to have this power for herself. Very soon, their country goes to war with a bordering nation. When she sees the power of what fire can do in battle, she decides to learn the skill. But there is something that she did not anticipate. The feeling of wanting to burn soon takes control of her. Enna must learn how to control it or else she might lose her life.

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