Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Bourne Identity

By: Robert Ludlum

I first watched the Bourne Identity as a movie and I liked it a lot. Because I really liked the movie I thought I would go check out the books from the library. When I sat down and started to read it, I have to admit that I thought that I preferred the movie better but then as I read on, the book got better and better. Now if you ask me if I prefer the book or the movie, I would say that the book was obviously better than the movie because they changed so much things in the movie.

Who is Jason Bourne? His body was found floating in the Mediterranean Sea with multiple bullets buried in himself. Once awoken, he has no memory of his past and does not even remember what happened. A piece of microfilm that has been surgically implanted into his hip is all that he has of his past with occasional glimpses of what he can not remember. While being hunted down by the world’s most dangerous assassin, Carlos, Jason Bourne is driven to find the truth about his past to matter at what cost. Will he find out or will he be killed by Carlos and never truly know his identity?

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