Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here, There Be Dragons

By: James A. Owen
Here, There Be Dragons is a unique and entertaining book. Written by James A. Owen, he weaves together a novel that takes place before World War I and brings together three men from Oxford who have never met. I thought that this book was really interesting and good to read. I also thought that it was nice to have included some real life facts that made sense in the book.

John, Jack, and Charles are three men that have never met before. Perhaps it is because that they are all Oxford men and have some experiences with war that they were summoned to the crime scene of a mysterious murder. They instantly bond when they meet and since it was too late to catch a ride to go back home, John and Jack went to a private club just for the Oxford scholars with Charles and it is there that they learn that the world is much larger than it seems. Soon, a mysterious old man comes knocking on their door demanding to see the Caretaker. Curious about what he is talking about, they let him in and learn about the Imaginarium Geographica, which is an atlas of all the lands that have ever existed, including all the fairy tales, myths, and legends. The men then learn that it is their responsibility to keep the special book out of the hands of the Winter King, who wants it to rule the worlds, and prevent him from succeeding in building an army of shadows.

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